Your Living Room has been given permission from one of their clients to share her journey over the next few months.

‘Freddie’ will bravely go down the path of person-centred decluttering to lovingly restore her home back into a safe and functional haven. 

Working with practitioners and a therapist from Your Living Room, provides Freddie with a semi therapuetic support to take these important life changing steps.

Portrait photo IMG_0530.JPG

The Kitchen - 2018

kitchen 2018.JPG

Freddie systemically and carefully over the following months, sorting through all the recycling sacks ensuring that everything has been sorted accurately before removing from the property.

 August 2019

Kitchen  August 2019.JPG

A massive accomplishment for Freddie, through her self-motivation a functioning kitchen again!

Below are examples of Freddie's meticulous diary pages, documenting her specific decluttering tasks for each day.

On the right are hours totalled, timed to the minute! A motivational tool to help her achieve her personal goal.

IMG_0515 journal 1.jpg
IMG_0516 journal 2.jpg