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Press Release

Your Living Room CIC, an Essex based person-centred decluttering service, has been awarded funding from Anglian Community Trust to help protect vulnerable people at home.

Part of a special grant from ACT will be used to provide a unique home-monitoring system which uses texts or phone calls to alert family and carer’s to any potential problems.

The system, which is called A-OK, uses a wireless motion detector to make sure activity in the home is as normal.

Diane Boyd, co-director of Your Living Room CIC, said: “We are over the moon to be able to provide this innovative, practical aid to our clients in Essex. It’s a central part of the care and support plan which we offer beyond the decluttering process and brings peace of mind to families and care providers. We are grateful to have been awarded this funding by Anglian Community Trust and thank them for helping make our vision a reality.”


The A-OK care monitoring package is unobtrusive. It simply and discreetly monitors the usually predictable day to day movement of the individual.

A wireless movement sensor is placed in the home. A timer is programmed and if the sensor is not activated as expected a text and/or phone call is sent to the nominated relative or carer.

The advantage of A-OK is that nothing has to be worn, and no button pressed to call for help. It can be remotely controlled by the carer or relative by use of their mobile phone.

The concept behind this unique device is that if someone becomes unwell their movement is usually restricted. The monitor detects and informs of lack of usual movement or activity.



Since it began operating in March 2015, Your Living Room has helped hundreds of people across Essex whose lives or well-being are affected by mess, clutter or hoarding disorder. The business is a Community Interest Company which means it is run not-for-profit to address a need in society.

Your Living Room CIC has a team of trained staff and accepts referrals from agencies such as housing associations, councils and social care as well as individuals who need help with clutter.  


Anglian Community Trust is a charity organisation set up by Anglian Community Enterprise (ACE) Community Interest Company for the benefit of the community of North East Essex and surrounding areas.

As a social enterprise, it uses a percentage of any profit it makes at the end of every financial year to invest in the local community.