‘Welcome to my World’

This is a poem written by one our clients that attend our Manningtree User-led support group who has kindly allowed us to share this with you:


Clutter, clutter, everywhere
And hardly any floor.
I really must throw some things out ...
No room for any more.

I never used to be like this,
I hate what I've become.
I must get on with sorting stuff ...
Not sit here on my bum!

My wardrobes need downsizing,
I have too many clothes.
Half of them don't even fit ...
I'm too fat, heaven knows!

Why have I still got high-heeled shoes?
I've not worn them in years.
They kill my feet and hurt my back,
And nearly cause me tears.

I've got so many toiletries,
Where did they all come from?
I don't remember buying them ...
They must have cost a bomb!

CD's and DVD's galore!
They take up so much room.
My lack of streaming knowledge
Is a real cause for gloom.

Then there's all my "proper books",
A Kindle's not the same!
And an endless life of photos, 
Just in boxes, not in frames.

I got out all my lava lamps,
And counted twenty-nine!
I know a couple's all I need ...
They're just a love of mine.

There's craft supplies that I have stored,
For things I planned to make.
Believing that one day I would,
Was clearly a mistake!

The paperwork! The paperwork!
I'm sure it's started breeding!
I need to sort and shred it
But there's so much there needs reading.

I've loads and loads of cleaning goods
Behind my cupboard door.
I should get them out and use them ...
But, then, cleaning's SUCH a bore!

The cats and dogs are moulting,
The fluff gets everywhere.
To sit upon a hairless couch
Is something that's quite rare!

A great big box of dog toys
Needs some culling too.
Why do I keep them, when my dogs,
Prefer MY things to chew?

I do a bit of sorting out,
But then I get fed up.
I'll pause to make a cup of tea ...
Then have ANOTHER cup!

One day I'll sort some stuff to sell,
Take rubbish to the tip.
I just need to get started ...
"Come on, girl ... get a grip!"