Dear Colleague,

Welcome to PRIDE.

It stands for Prompt Response in a Decluttering Emergency and is a vital service offered by Your Living Room CIC.

Since May 2015 we have established ourselves as experts in person-centred decluttering. From a single room to a whole house we work with each individual to create sustainable change.

We have specially designed PRIDE to support commissioners in reducing delayed hospital and other discharges caused by mess or clutter in the home.

Our fully-trained teams will respond to your referral within 24 hours and put in place a detailed timetabled plan to ensure the home is prepared as required.

Some of the common referrals involve:

  • Preparing a living room for a hospital bed

  • Creating safe space for mobility aids such as motorised scooter

  • Clearing and cleaning in order for home care visits to take place

We work closely with the client, their family and wider support network ensuring that the home environment is optimised and to provide a realistic support plan beyond the decluttering process.


According to the NHS England Monthly Statistical Report, ‘The Delayed transfer of Care due to Care package’ at April 2016 was 3116 (NHS funded) and 686 (Social Care funded).

By creating a safe environment for clients with a pending hospital discharge expensive delays and patient distress can be avoided.

Decluttering and organising homes in this way helps reduce the likelihood of relapse or readmission into care or hospital.

PRIDE aims to deliver a service to homes throughout Essex that is accessible, effective and available on demand within required timescales.

Our mission is to make homes as functional, comfortable and organised as possible, according to the preferences and personality of the individual, whilst improving quality of life, alleviating suffering and maintaining dignity.

For more information on this service please contact us at or on: 0560002 3662

Directors of Your Living Room CIC