…Am really, really pleased as Your Living Room has done so much to rehabilitate our client from the situation he was in when I first met him last November.

You have enabled him to make so much progress – he just wouldn’t be where he is now without you and I want to thank you for all your encouragement and support of him…
… May I pass on my gratitude, thanks, appreciation etc. etc. No words strong enough, for how I feel about Harry. His commitment, kindness and manner, makes this man unique.
…I just wanted to email to say thank you and well done to all of you for all the hard work put in to this very complex case to which there has been fantastic outcomes in all areas. This is a great example of how a multi-agency approach can make a huge difference and have very positive outcomes for both us and the tenants we are supporting. It took a while to get to this stage but the effort and persistency put in has prevailed!
…Thanks so much for taking time to share your powerful stories at our staff meeting. Our teams have told us it was the best meeting we have
had for some time because of your input… It was great to bust some myths around clients and the service you offer and I hope we can make more use of Your Living Room in the coming months.