Our specialist Hoarding Awareness Training Courses aim to support front line staff and practitioners with the knowledge, confidence and understanding that enables them to engage with their clients who are displaying complex needs with a cluttered lifestyle.

Harry Beer Co-Director and founder of Your Living Room delivers an overall information training package that provides professionals with the confidence in assessing clients’ needs accurately, using The Hoarding Guidance Protocol which was published in 2016. This is achieved by using examples of the evidence based process of recording.

There is currently a lack of awareness and understanding with regard to the support required to enable professionals to engage with the community that are displaying a hoarding disorder.

Our engaging, jargon-free courses are the ideal way of raising awareness, building knowledge and skills of how to support your clients and are ideal for housing specialists and Health and Social Care teams who are supporting people affected by hoarding and other conditions resulting in chronic disorganisation.

Harry grew up in a creative but chaotic environment. One of eight children, his father was a scientist who filled the house with books and inventions. His mother was an enthusiastic collector who, as a war-baby, tended not to throw things away, believing everything would come in useful one day. Maybe it was a kind of gentle rebellion that he grew up loving order… “It’s not obsessive; I just want to know where things are when I need them”.

Harry worked for Colchester Borough Council developing projects to help prevent homelessness. At the same time he was decluttering voluntarily including through Timebank via Colchester Community Voluntary Services before he established Your Living Room specialist service in 2015.

Harry’s background brings a wealth of experience, knowledge and passion to his training, delivering ‘Your Living Room Hoarding Awareness’ courses to professionals throughout Essex.

Harry Beer, Director of Your Living Room CIC

Harry Beer, Director of Your Living Room CIC

Hoarding Awareness Training Feedback

What did you like most about this training?

"Easy to follow and full of useful info and tips"

The afternoon session proved useful as it covered legislation etc"

"Really informative"

"Full of good and useful information about hoarding and how to help prevent it"

"Adapted to sensory needs of people in attendance - very well."

"Excellence use of case studies offered by course participants and demonstrated by trainer."

"Gave clearer insight into why people hoard and the benefits of working in partnership with other agencies."

"Very well presented, excellent information given. Should be a mandatory course."

"Fab training and facilitation style."

"Thoroughly enjoyed and able to ask questions about specific cases to enable me to provide person centred approach and where I go now."

"Thought provoking."